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Issue 8/2009

SDAA Ocean Awards 2009

Presenting for the first time the SDAA Ocean Awards!

After years of quietly appreciating the painstaking work of the countless people and companies that have made diving in AustralAsia the unforgettable experience that it is today, the SDAA team is now taking the plunge to recognise the year’s top performers.

From the equipment manufacturers who improve our life-support systems, to the service specialists who go the extra mile, or the conservationists who tirelessly fight for what we love – all are deserving of some long-due recognition. Without further ado, the winners of the SDAA Ocean Awards 2009…

SDAA_OceanAwards_2009_Page_01.jpg SDAA_OceanAwards_2009_Page_02.jpg SDAA_OceanAwards_2009_Page_03.jpg
SDAA_OceanAwards_2009_Page_04.jpg SDAA_OceanAwards_2009_Page_05.jpg SDAA_OceanAwards_2009_Page_06.jpg
SDAA_OceanAwards_2009_Page_07.jpg SDAA_OceanAwards_2009_Page_08.jpg SDAA_OceanAwards_2009_Page_09.jpg
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